The Team

The beauty of a small business comes with the purpose of building community - we believe in people selling to people, not businesses selling to people. If you happen to be a regular customer, when you step foot through the front door you will likely recognize a familiar face. Cultivating relationships with customers is what leads to a personalized experience, which is what we aim to offer each client that we have the pleasure of serving. While we aim to get to know you better, perhaps you would like to know a little more about us. If that is the case, please read on.

Mandy with Bridal Bouquet


Eccentric Entrepreneur // ENTJ // Calla Lily Obsessed

Mandy started working for Trillium at the young age of 14 when her mother owned the shop. The plan was to keep working through her schooling until it was time to get a desk job using her background in multimedia and design

Well, things do not always go according to plan.  She fell deeply in love with both the creative and entrepreneurial side of the business.  When it came time for her mother to retire, it was only natural for Mandy to step in and take over as the owner of the business.

Since taking over the shop in 2020, Mandy has been working hard on putting her stamp on the place while maintaining the same quality and care that Kanata has come to expect from Trillium. Her constant need for improving daily processes and refining the customer experience has been her top priority. Mandy has also become a self-proclaimed small business advocate being a member of 3 business groups in Ottawa. 

From a design perspective, she is not one to follow trends and believes that design rules are meant to be broken. She has been a resident of Kanata her whole life and is enjoying her suburban surroundings with her husband, tarantula, and shih tzu.

Charlie with bright arrangement


Flamboyant Firecracker // INTP // Pink Car Owner

Charlie’s design style can be summed up in two words; colourful and funky. They enjoy working with odd-looking flowers and greens, and are always looking for new, fun shapes to work with.

They have been passionate about houseplants for the past 6 years and have their own ever-growing collection at home amongst their 3 spoiled cats!

Charlie is always enthusiastic and has a bubbly personality. They will greet you with a warm welcome each time you pay us a visit!

Aleisha with bright arrangement


Woodland Wizard // INTJ // Collector of the Peculiar

If it were not a workday, you would find Aleisha in the outdoors, exploring all nature has to offer. With a background in Physical Geography and Environmental Science, her one true love is found amongst the trees and in the gentle whisper of the breeze.

In Aleisha's design work, the natural world acts as her inspiration, guiding her hand. Specializing in whimsical woodland arrangements, Aleisha tends to incorporate a darker colour palette, a variety of intriguing greenery, and copious amounts of branches and twigs.

A passionate creative writer, Aleisha holds a love for stories. You will often find her educational posts on our social media channels, whilst putting her own creative spin on things. 

Donned in fantastical garb, Aleisha almost always looks ready to attend a Renaissance Faire. In reality she is ready to offer you assistance, should you need a helping hand.

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