Core Values

Trillium designers at the Fleurs de Villes exhibit held at Bayshore Shopping Mall where we designed a fresh flower mannequin using orchids and other cut flowers.

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We are more than just a flower shop.

We live by a set of values that we apply to our daily interactions with our customers. We hope that you enjoy reading about what makes us extraordinary!

1. Community & Equality

We are committed to serving our customers with top notch service and getting to know you and your family. We believe in equality and do not tolerate any form of discrimination. Being involved in community events makes our hearts full and we love hearing the success stories of surrounding local businesses and the people who built them. With the support of those around us we can all thrive and help make our community as great as it can be. "Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much." - Helen Keller

2. Education

This is why we enjoy our job! We have so much floral knowledge and we love sharing it with you. We're not just here to sell you flowers, we're here to ensure you're walking away with more floral insight than when you came in. Whether it's learning what flowers are in season, the origin of flower names, their meaning, how flowers are grown...the list is endless and we would love to educate you on the topic we are most obsessed with.

3. Communication

We are consumers just like you and hate it when we reach out to a company and hear....crickets. We respect you and your time; you are guaranteed to get a response from us, whether it's returning a phone call or email (although the dreaded junk folder has sabotaged us a few times). If we need to relay information to you regarding your order, we will do so in a timely manner.

4. Expanding Our Skills

In the flower world, trends and techniques are everchanging. That is why we are continually learning new tips and tricks from our floral mentors and are involved in many florist communities worldwide to frequently upgrade our skill sets and knowledge. This has proven especially important during Covid as the entire floral world has had to pivot in many different ways and get creative while dealing with a lack of inventory.


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